Power Flushing

Power flushing removes the long built up deposits of dirt and sludge from your heating system and is now part of building regulations when fitting a new or replacement boiler.

Power flushing will improve heat transfer and improve efficiency. You will find your manufacturers warranty invalidated if you attempt to claim due to any associated issues of dirt contaminating a new boiler.

We use our own Kamco power flushing machine and use the correct chemicals and flush through with clean water before adding a suitable system inhibitor, which will keep the water in your system cleaner for longer.

We charge a reasonable and fair price that covers a half day or full days labour, plus chemical costs. As an indicator, if you have around ten radiators, it will take half a day. If you have never looked after your system and your heating water is black, or heavily sludged up, you should expect a full days service.

On rare occasions, when deposits are removed, and fresh inhibitor added, pinholes may allow water to leak out from radiators or fittings or even a boiler. It should be noted that these holes existed within the system already and only now appear because the system is now clean and free from dirt. Any associated replacement parts or subsequent labour is not the responsibility of A.C.Nannydrew Ltd, although we will endeavor to fix it quickly and fairly.

If you would like a no obligation quote for power flushing your boiler, please
call 02393 233 249 or email enquiries@acnannydrew.co.uk